Two Typewriters & 7 Musicians Described the Essences of Many!

Like a flat stone, I have been skipping over many clean and beautiful ripples of water. This is a touch of what I have been up to recently.

In a colorful collaboration, I met another typewriter poet for the first time, and together we made something like magic in one evening. The magic was in describing essences of people, using wands and crowns of bittersweet, and shakers/rattles as primal tools of communication. I typed side-by-side with sharp and delightfully witty Anja Notanja Sieger, who coordinated the seamless event which involved seven musicians and a “build-a-poem” station at Walker’s Point Center for the Arts in Milwaukee. The event drew many (I don’t know, but I guess a number between 99 and 200?) people, and from them, 62 eagerly had their essences read on paper and in music. I took no photos of my own to share–so if you haven’t already checked it out, I direct you to Anja Notanja’s colorful documentation of what happened when we typed essences together as Notanja and undrea. And, go ahead and like Anja Notanja Sieger & La Prosette on facebook–it’s easy to do, especially if you are a being true to your essence.

One thought on “Two Typewriters & 7 Musicians Described the Essences of Many!

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