Happy National Poetry Month!

April is National Poetry Month and time to wake my poet up from her sleepy winter lull. To nourish myself throughout the winter, (which I believe to be not officially over!) every so often I reach for a jar of last summer’s garden goods. I used a jar of Mom’s squash for soup, my tomatoes for bean chili, and grapes I pickled. Some poems taste sour-spicy-sweet like pickles, and others taste more plain, or more versatile, like canned tomatoes.

A stillroom is traditionally used to hold food–canned foods, fermenting kraut, breads, cheeses, braids of garlic. My stillroom for poetry (food for the soul) is a simple file folder, many notebooks, and a small wooden bookshelf. Poems have shelf lives. I savor them like wine.

Here are two poems I’ve been saving over the winter.





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