“Tiny pear” from my first insta-poem day, July 31

Tiny Pear

Pear. Tiny pear.

The text is out of focus on this one, as I was (and still am) learning my way through a camera lens new to me. I will enjoy developing my digital photography skills with this project.



My own personal cloud

My own personal cloud

Ham croissant sandwiches

This being my first post, I feel the need to offer a description of what I am doing here: Insta-Poems is a collaborative project involving myself, my typewriter, and clients/word granters who enjoy fresh, raw poetry! This initiative seeks to facilitate the sharing of thoughts and words in the community. So far I am utilizing the Winneshiek Farmers Market as my office space/storefront. When an interested client grants me a prompt in the form of a word or phrase, I use this prompt to craft a poem on my typewriter. When the customized “insta-poem” is ready, I present it to the client (presuming they return to my station), who may choose to keep the typewritten insta-poem and leave me a tip.

Wish me luck and other thought-provoking words!

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